We offer physical rehabilitation treatments and health care therapies, for refugees living in Greece.

We are a non-profit organisation created by a group of physical therapists and health professionals.


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What we do

At EARTH MEDICINE we provide  tailor-made physical  rehabilitation program to improve life quality of refugees living in Greece

Help us to continue providing physical rehabilitation to 100+ refugees and migrants in Lesbos, Greece. 

What we do

Most of the people we treat at EARTH MEDICINE,  have been victims of violent terrorist attacks, torture or sexually abused. For this reason, we pay great attention to caring for our patients with great love, dedication and compassion.


Upon reaching safety land they arrive with a huge traumatic loads that affects their health in many ways. All this as  result of having experienced violent events in their countries of origin or during the trip to safety across different borders.


On many occasions they must wait and remain hidden days and nights in the mountains, without water or food, being shot by border police or being separated and misplacing family members by the smuggles. 


All our efforts are focused not only on attending to the chronic physical sequelae of our patients, but we have also selected and included therapies to help them heal their soul and spirit. We are aware of the deep trauma they have experienced and it is our human duty to guide them as mach as we can,  in their healing process.


Our History

Since 2015, tens of thousands of refugees and migrants from Syria,  Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Congo, Cameroon and other Middle Eastern and African countries, began to arrive in Greece, and particularly in the Island of  Lesbos.


In these last few years, Europe has seen the endless repetition of the story of millions of people who, in order to save their lives, have been forced to leave their countries, their families, and their homes to face an uncertain future all alone and deal with the deep psychological and physical trauma acquired through their journeys.


It was seeing this harsh reality in Lesbos, that prompted us to create this organisation, to offer migrants and refugees the possibility of accessing physical rehabilitation treatments.

Increase in the number of patients

There has been a steady increase of patients since the project began in January 2019. The typical number of new cases is 4-10 people per month, coming from Moria and Kara Tepe camps. Up to now we have treated 119 cases.

Recovered and ongoing cases

During this past year we had 52 fully recovered cases, 42 on-going, and 15 who have left the island. With the current influx of refugees to the island, we expect that the number of new cases that we treat per month will increase.

Most common injuries

The refugee population commonly presents with chronic physical injuries such as elbow fractures, herniated discs, lower limb fractures, knee and wrist problems, joint atrophy and deformity; as well as the psychological and emotional consequences of traumatic experiences lived both before leaving their countries and during their journeys to safety.

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Help us to continue providing physical rehabilitation to 100+ refugees and migrants in Lesbos, Greece. 

Become a Volunteer

Our volunteer platform provides the opportunity to meet and work with many other therapists from different parts of the world. This broadens our clinical, cultural and therapeutic horizons. We hope to have many more volunteers who come to share their knowledge with us and to help those who need it most. Get in contact telling about you, your skills and why you fit to work with us.



The EARTH MEDICINE team is made up of different therapists, health professionals, interpreters and volunteers of different nationalities and backgrounds.

The EARTH MEDICINE team is made up of different physical/massage therapists and health professionals of different nationalities and backgrounds.

Our team is also made up of Farsi and Arabic interpreters, who are a fundamental part of our therapeutic work. Together we work every day to improve the health of people living in refugee camps on Lesbos.



Be part of Earth Medicine vision. Your financial support will allow this much needed project to continue and consolidate in time. Any amount is useful and much appreciated.


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Partners and Collaborators

We are very grateful to have our collaborators supporting our work on Lesbos. Our work could not be possible without the immense help of all of you.


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