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At EARTH MEDICINE EARTH MEDICINE is a non-profit organisation registered and based in Greece, which was created by a group of physical therapists and health professionals.


EARTH MEDICINE is a non-profit organisation registered and based in Greece, which was created by a group of physical therapists and health professionals. 


The project started in 2018 after we identified that there were many asylum seekers in the island with chronic and severe injuries who were not receiving treatment while processing their asylum, which could take months or years. These chronic issues invariable would get worse without physical rehabilitation. In response to this need, we were prompted to develop a project to provide a sustainable therapeutic solution for those who are most vulnerable.


EARTH MEDICINE’s unique combination of therapeutic approaches gives access to physical rehabilitation for those who are most vulnerable in society.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission


EARTH MEDICINE provides tailor-made, multi-disciplinary physical rehabilitation programs to improve chronic injuries.


We focus on alleviating the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),-by stabilising the body’s important physiological functions: sleeping, digestion and detoxification. 


We combine therapies such as: physiotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, therapeutic massage, homeopathy, and orthopaedic treatment to improve the health of vulnerable asylum seekers with physical impediments. 


EARTH MEDICINE engages practitioners of different disciplines on a voluntary basis: acupuncture, physiotherapy, homeopathy and remedial massage. We also have volunteer interpreters of Persian, Somali and Arabic, according to our patients’ language requirements.  


The organisation also has professionals permanently based in Lesvos. They oversee for the daily running Earth medicine’s therapy spaces in Mytilene town centre and in the refugee camp.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue providing daily physical rehabilitation services to the most vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers in Lesvos.


We aspire to expand our services to also offer treatment to local citizens who do not have health insurance or only have limited financial resources to pay for a private service. 


We seek to promote cooperation with local and international health-care professionals who embrace our values ​​of deep human connection, social integration, and community development.

Physical Rehabilitation at EARTH MEDICINE


ISO 9001:2015


Our Mentality

Since our organization was established in 2018 we have seen the rise of the benefits mankind gains through solidarity and organization. We have shared with them our love for open boundaries, freedom and human rights. We take great pride in having served this demanding, hardworking and flourishing community not only because we feel we have contributed to its success, but also, because through our collaboration we have gained invaluable knowledge and experience.


Our Commitment

When it comes humanitarianism, we are committed to the latest innovations. We endeavor to provide our beneficiaries with state-of-the-art top quality services, either from our knowledge, or from our worldwide network of reliable suppliers. Quality and availability being our unfailing concern, we have forged significant alliances with some of the world’s top experts in our field.


Our Vision

The management and employees and volunteers of our organization are dedicated to serving our beneficiaries with responsibility and efficiency. We guarantee the effectiveness and availability of our knowledge, solidarity and concern.

Donate Now

Help us to continue providing physical rehabilitation to 100+ refugees and migrants in Lesbos, Greece. 

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