At EARTH MEDICINE we offer physical rehabilitation treatments for refugees and migrants who have come to Europe from countries at war and countries under violent political and ethnic conflicts.

Most of the people we treat have been victims of torture and rape, and also suffer chronic injuries that require rehabilitation in order to regain enough physical autonomy to eventually enable them to perform daily chores and achieve social re-insertion and the possibility to work and sustain themselves.



At EARTH MEDICINE we provide physical rehabilitation treatments to migrants and refugees, victims of torture and war, who are now living in Europe. 


This involves a tailor-made rehabilitation program to improve chronic injuries and post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), through the use of Acupuncture, Physioterapy, Therapeutic Massage & Herbal remedies. 


At EARTH MEDICINE, we provide information for self-care and injury management, as well as referrals  to an Orthopedic surgeon when metallic implants are present, and to a Psychologist in cases where this kind of treatment is needed. 


At EARTH MEDICINE, we engage professionals on a volunteer basis. We work with volunteer Therapists who wish to collaborate with our project. We also have permanent Therapists based in Lesbos, so that we can guarantee the continuity of treatments and of the project itself.


We work with Farsi, Dari, and Arabic translators and interpreters. These interpreters are refugees who speak fluent English. We would like to be able to support them financially and provide them with a paid job to help them in their transition to a new life in Europe. 

Physical Rehabilitation at EARTH MEDICINE

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