At EARTH MEDICINE we offer physical rehabilitation treatments and health care therapies, for refugees  

currently living in both  Kara Tepe refugees camp.


Most of the people we treat at EARTH MEDICINE,  have been victims of violent terrorist attacks, torture or sexually abused. For this reason, we pay great attention to caring for our patients with great love, dedication and compassion. 

Upon reaching safety land they arrive with a huge traumatic loads that affects their health in many ways. All this as  result of having experienced violent events in their countries of origin or during the trip to safety across different borders.

On many occasions they must wait and remain hidden days and nights in the mountains, without water or food, being shot by border police or being separated and misplacing family members by the smuggles. 


All our efforts are focused not only on attending to the chronic physical sequelae of our patients, but we have also selected and included therapies to help them heal their soul and spirit. We are aware of the deep trauma they have experienced and it is our human duty to guide them as mach as we can,  in their healing process.


ISO 9001:2015


Our Mentality

Since our organization was established in 2018 we have seen the rise of the benefits mankind gains through solidarity and organization. We have shared with them our love for open boundaries, freedom and human rights. We take great pride in having served this demanding, hardworking and flourishing community not only because we feel we have contributed to its success, but also, because through our collaboration we have gained invaluable knowledge and experience.


Our Commitment

When it comes humanitarianism, we are committed to the latest innovations. We endeavor to provide our beneficiaries with state-of-the-art top quality services, either from our knowledge, or from our worldwide network of reliable suppliers. Quality and availability being our unfailing concern, we have forged significant alliances with some of the world’s top experts in our field.


Our Vision

The management and employees and volunteers of our organization are dedicated to serving our beneficiaries with responsibility and efficiency. We guarantee the effectiveness and availability of our knowledge, solidarity and concern.



At EARTH MEDICINE we provide  tailor-made physical  rehabilitation program to improve chronic injuries, 

 regain  physical autonomy,  enable our patient  to perform daily chore and guiding and assisting them with post traumatic stress desorders (PTSD).


Combining different types of  therapies, such as: 

  • Chinese herbs medicine formulae 

  • Ear acupuncture, 

  • Steam Inhalation & Vaginal Steaming, using medicinal hebs

  • Moxibustion, 

  • Physiotherapy and  Massage techniques.


 We  treat different health conditions and disorders: 

  •  Post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), 

  • Chronic diseases, such as kidney stones, urinary tract infections, bronchial asthma, among others

  •  Musculoskeletal disorders.


At EARTH MEDICINE, we engage professionals on a volunteer basis. We work with volunteer therapists who wish to collaborate with our project. We also have permanent therapists based in Lesbos, so that we can guarantee the continuity of treatments and of the project itself.


We work with Farsi, and Arabic translators and interpreters. These interpreters are refugees who speak fluent English. We would like to  provide a paid  job to help them in their transition to a new life in Europe. 

Physical Rehabilitation at EARTH MEDICINE

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