Who we are

We are a charitable project, created by a group of physical therapists and health professionals.

Our story

Since 2015, tens of thousands of refugees and migrants from Syria,  Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Congo, Cameroon and other Middle Eastern and African countries, began to arrive in Greece, and particularly in the Island of  Lesbos.


In these last few years, Europe has seen the endless repetition of the story of millions of people who, in order to save their lives, have been forced to leave their countries, their families, and their homes to face an uncertain future all alone and deal with the deep psychological and physical trauma acquired through their journeys.


It was seeing this harsh reality in Lesbos, that prompted us to create this organisation, to offer migrants and refugees the possibility of accessing physical rehabilitation treatments.


After a year of hard work and facing many limitations, we have felt the need to expand our work to offer more complete and effective treatments. We have now incorporated Acupuncture treatments to treat  Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. 


As therapists, we cannot disassociate the physical body from the mind and emotions that negatively impact our health. For this reason, we understand that we cannot be rehabilitated from physical injuries when intense psychological and emotional trauma is affecting the chemistry of our whole body by constantly releasing stress hormones that prevent our physical healing. Through our work, we have seen that it is imperative to treat post-traumatic-stress disorders in people who have been victims of violent episodes, in order to help them restore their physical health.


We are currently located inside Kara Tepe camp, Lesbos, Greece. We have conditioned a container as a clinical centre where we treat refugees who live in the Moria and Kara Tepe camps. Those who live in Kara Tepe are mostly vulnerable families and therefore they are our priority. The people we treat who come from Moria camp are mostly young single people 

without families who are also in a situation of vulnerability and who require long-term treatments, due to the nature of their injuries.

Our future

Our next step will be to open another clinical centre near Moria camp to allow us to help more people from that refugee camp. At the moment those from Moria having treatments with us are having to walk long hours between Moria and Kara Tepe to receive treatments. During the winter, this means walking in the rain and cold. A new treatment centre will improve this situation for all of them, and enable others who cannot walk that far to access treatments.

We hope to find the financial support we need to enable us to carry out this much-needed project, for the benefit of thousands of refugees living in Lesbos Island.

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Help us to continue providing physical rehabilitation to 100+ refugees and migrants in Lesbos, Greece.