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At EARTH MEDICINE, we strongly believe that combining treatments such as Acupuncture, different styles of bodywork and Massage Therapy, Medicinal Herbs, and Physiotherapy can help improve the health and quality of life of vulnerable refugees who have experienced trauma at physical, mental, and emotional levels.

We are inviting practitioners of the following disciplines to offer their skills at our centre:

. Acupuncture

including body, ear, and scalp acupuncture

. Reflexology

. Bodywork

Including different styles of Massage therapy such as holistic, sports, Shiatsu and Tuina

. Physiotherapy

Volunteers requirement

The people we are helping at EARTH MEDICINE have experienced extreme situations and often display complex long-term physical and emotional injuries. Although we would love to accept every volunteer who applies, we have learned that not having enough therapeutic experience and maturity in your field and in your personal life will be detrimental both to you and to the project. Because of this, we require that volunteers are able to handle the complexity of the work both as professionals and as human beings.

Due to the context where you will work, you require the following from all our volunteers:


  • Previous experience in your field of at least 2-5 years, depending on your discipline and the type of client base you have worked with;

  • Competences: Good listening skills, compassionate, enthusiastic, dynamic, adaptable, confident;

  • Be able to work as part of a team with other therapists and interpreters and in an environment with

  •  limited resources;

  • Sensitivity and an ability to connect with all kinds of people and to provide treatments with kindness and warmth;

  • Financial capacity to cover your transportation from your country to Lesbos, and to pay for your accommodation, food and transportation during your volunteering.

Candidates who fulfil these criteria will be offered an interview either by skype or whatsapp video call in order to determine their suitability and availability to work in the project.

To apply to be a volunteer of EARTH MEDICINE, please read all our detailed terms, conditions and practicalities before arrival by clicking the button below

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If you fulfil all the criteria and have read all the terms and conditions mentioned above, please fill in the form and we will reply to you as soon as possible

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