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October 26 -November 06, 2020 Weekly report.

At Earth Medicine Physical Rehabilitation, we continue to work hard to improve the health of our patients and friends who live in Kara Tepe camp.

We are very grateful for the immense support of many people, many of them anonymous but who are a fundamental part in the development of our work.

We are very proud to have been able to give 381 rehabilitation treatments. We have also had to financially support children with special needs, patients who needed urgent dental care, purchase medicine for psychiatric treatment, Orthopedic insoles and shoes, MRI exams, Ophthalmologist, etc.

We continue to help young patients in the new Kara Tepe camp, who suffer from skin infections. These infections are more frequent, even having access to water.

Currently, in the new Kara Tepe camp, there have been installed facilities to access drinking water. However, people cannot shower spontaneously. The cold and the fear of getting sick make them unable to bathe frequently. Cold water and constant wind are a risk factor for winter illnesses.

Also. new cases have arrived at our container-clinic and so have new challenges. We currently have two blind patients who require physical treatment. It is a great responsibility to work with them, at the same time it is a great satisfaction. They bring light to our container-clinic. We laugh a lot and enjoy this process. They are extremely sensitive and loving people, they constantly teach me to lose my fear of treating them with absolute normality. Its apparent fragility is nothing more than a different strength, so powerful and so human that it deeply moves.

We have also seen an increase in female patients seeking relief from chronic back, shoulder and neck pain.

We currently have 20 women every day, committed to improving their health and learning to care for and love their bodies. Some of them have chronic injuries, victims of terrorist attacks for having worked in government positions or assisting other women victims of domestic violence in Afghanistan.

With this group of women we perform yoga exercises, stretching, muscle strengthening and deep breathing exercises to calm the mind. We also use the therapeutic benefits of medicinal herbs, oils and massages.

We are currently awaiting authorization from the Greek asylum department to travel with two of our patients to Athens. They need hip and knee surgery. Earth Medicine has financed all their exams and consults with a private Orthopedist to establish the best treatment to follow and greatly improve their quality of life. One of our patients is a 19 year old young man. We want to give him the possibility of having a totally normal life and being able to reintegrate into work. As he is a young person, he still have many advantages to recover quickly.

We hope to be successful and achieve positive results.

Please receive our enormous gratitude for your tremendous support.

With love


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