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Zeinab Naderi, 19 years old from Afghanistan

Zenaib has a leg amputation. She is from Afghanistan, from the Takhar province, she belonged to the Tajik ethnic group. Her parents married her at the age of 15. According to the custom of this region of Afghanistan, girls are married at an early age, with men who are much older.

Zenaib tells me that being born with a physical disability is a curse and shame for the family. They are women who have no social value and who are generally married to anyone who is willing to pay a very cheap price for them.

Due to the long journey walking up the mountain, her prosthesis broke. When she arrived at Moria camp, her prosthesis ended up breaking completely. There is no prosthetic manufacturing center in Mytilini, so she had to travel to Athens to get a new one. Due to her refugee status, she was not allowed to leave the island.

Unable to walk, we managed to get her out of the new Kara Tepe camp and accommodate her in a hotel near Mytilini. Living in a refugee camp without a shower, water or comfortable toilets is a real hell for a person with physical disabilities.

Earth Medicine made all possible contacts to help her. Fortunately we managed to get a new prosthesis for Zenaib. Dr. Gerhard Traber helped us from Germany.

Now Zenaib can again enjoy free walking and autonomy in her daily life.

She attends 3 times a week for muscle rehabilitation and adaptation to her new prosthesis. We are also working on an exercise program to lose weight, since Zenaib without being able to walk for 3 months, gained a lot of weight, which is detrimental to her condition.

Thanks to all who made this great achievement possible.

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