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Thank you all

* Text from the Weekly report 27 to 31 July 2020. A very intense week, 36 physical treatment done and a very special friend came back from Germany. Thanks Alea Horst for having the courage to come to Lesvos, witnesses and heard many histories and among all this, giving us a great touch of fresh energy.

Thanks to people from Germany for sending donations. We got bandages, physio balls, elastic bands and more!! All this equipment are much need among our patient.

We would like to thank our dear Acupuncture therapist Sandra Arbealez from Colombia-England for supporting EARTH MEDICINE. Sandra's expertise allows a few of our patient to get full treatment with Chinese Herbs. The consultation is conducted online, and through a detail consultation form of the symptoms. This is a great opportunity for our patient to have access to this type of therapy. Thanks so much Sandra.

We would also like to thanks Victor Ferreira de Lima from Brazil. Your talent and sensitivity as graphic designer is a gift to our project, Thank you for been willing to collaborate updating our web site and providing useful media tools.

Finally I would like to thank all people who come to receive treatment. Even in my worst days, you support me and stand by me, it may sound paradoxical but its real. There are days I just cant hide my sadness or frustration, because I feel there are to powerful political and bureaucratic forces that I cant fight against them. Other days I wonder What am I doing here? feels nothing I am doing here actually makes real changes, but then I look these women's eyes, I look at the children, I look at the elders and young men. Their faces and their eyes tell me: Keep doing it, you are doing the right thing. They express gratitude and love and with that, they also recharge my hopes......

May life bless you all Fabiola

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