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Patient Stories

We went to visit an Afghan women who has a broken ankle to see the condition of the injurie and preparing following treatment. In the same house there was a second family living as well. A mother with 2 children, 5 and 2 years old. The mother approached to me asking for help, her son A.S (the name will not be published to protect child identity) a 5 years old boy was having a very bad skin infection. We looked at the child and realised he needed inmediately medical attention. We asked the mother why they haven't been seeing by a doctor. She said "the hospital in Mytilini didn't gave me appointment".

Children face at iluminated in mothers arms
Photo credit to Annika Nüdling

We couldn't leave the house knowing this child needed medical assistance. We started clearing all the wounded areas and applying ointment and bandages. While working, the mother told us her husband had died 4 months ago, while living in Moria camp. She said her husband had back pain and that the doctors in the camp gave him Ibuprofen. After 2 weeks he had a very bad pain in the chest and went to the hospital. 3 days later he was dead. She doesn't know the medical reasons of her husband dead, neither she knows whether there was an autopsy to determine his dead, she knows nothing. Now she is a widow with 2 children on her own.

Refugee children receives treatment
Photo credit to Annika Nüdling

The day after, we tried to reach a Pediatrician for the child but we couldn't get an appointment. After a week of continustly checking, the child started healing. We are extremely happy having supported this family.

Refugee children with mother
Photo credit to Annika Nüdling

They are one of many vulnerable families who are in need for emotional, psychological and medical support, as well as much love. They need to know we care about them. They need to know they are valuable human beings. They need to know there are people who truly wants to protect them.

We will make sure that they can get it.

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