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Our dear Khondad Khalilil

Our dear Khondad Khalilil, 58 years old from Afghanistan has successfully started walking again. This patient suffered severe herniated disc. He was unable to stand up or walk, using wheelchair for 5 months, while living in the Moria camp. During the journey to Lesvos he walked 24 across the mountain to reach safety. When he arrived Moria camp last year he started having constant pain al lower back. Doctors diagnosed herniated disc, needed surgery intervention. As the quarantine started not appointment were available at Mytilini hospital so he couldn't got the surgery or medical care. Hopeless and in a great pain Khondad decided to come to our container for treatment. We elaborated a special treatment sessions to stimulate blood circulation, a very specific stretches movement to bring mobility at the lower, middle and upper back and allows connective tissue funcionality. Slowly Khondad was responding to treatment.

The first day he came seeking help, we make an agreement: if he commits himself to come every day for therapy and drinking plenty of water we would do our best to improve his condition. We told him that a successful treatment depends 50% to the patient and 50% to the therapist. If we manage to work as team, then probably we would succeed. Indeed Khondad was extremely committed to improved his condition and get free of pain. After one month he is able to stand up, walk with a walker support and for the first time after so long, he is free of pain.

We still have much more ahead to accomplish but we are glad to see him contend and happy.

Thank you dear Khondad for your trust and commitment.

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