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Opening new spaces to carry out new activities

In the hectic world we live in, it seems like things that are done slowly are considered useless and what is done quickly and immediately gives us the illusion of efficiency. However, we forget that perseverance is a virtue that allows things to grow in a sustainable and organic way,while allowing our differences to become an element of harmony between people instead of impediment to growth and development.

It was precisely our perseverance that has finally given us the possibility of expanding our rehabilitation project and opening new spaces to carry out new activities.

On January 19, 2021 we received two new containers at Kara Tepe camp. We had been waiting for more than a year to have these two spaces to help us improve the care we give to our patients, most of whom attend sessions every day, hoping to regain physical health and also heal the wounds of the soul, which is undoubtedly the most challenging of our aims.

Among all the activities we have, the one that moves me the most is our meditation circle. This activity was originated by the patients themselves. Majid Tajik, was one of them. He took part in meditation groups in Afghanistan, which aimed to help people manage anxiety and stress.

At first, I imagined they would be separate sessions for men and women, but I was pleasantly surprised when they told me they wanted to meet all together. This created a very moving atmosphere indeed. It was like wanting to find mutual help to ease their weary hearts.

Living in a refugee camp is difficult, but even more difficult is not knowing what the future holds. That constant uncertainty of not knowing how long the wait to receive asylum will be, or if they will actually receive asylum or get deported along with their families. Some families have been waiting 2 years to get their documents.

Obtaining documentation is not necessarily the end their worries. On the contrary, from the moment a person obtains asylum, they stop receiving financial aid from UNCHR, they cannot get a job, and this is even worse for those who have a physical disability.

In this context, giving holistic physical rehabilitation is extremelly challenging. We know that we have almost everything against us to succeed, but we also know that when patients themselves show signs of wanting to recover and helping themselves, then all is not lost, there is hope and our job is to make that hope become the true sources of healing.

Our patients are as diverse as the very nature of our humanity. We serve the elderly and children, men and women, some with serious physical disabilities, others less severly disable, they are of diverse racial backgrounds and religions. Without exception, they all enrich us and give us the strength to continue working every day.

Our deepest gratitude to Space-Eye for helping us to get those beautiful containers. Thanks also Alea Horst, Dr. Gerhard Trabert, Thomas Diehl and many other people who are constantly supporting us from Germany.

With love and gratitude. Fabiola

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