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Mohammad Reza Rahimi, 7 years old from Afghanistan

Mohammad Reza, suffers from a chronic injury to his right arm. His mother is confident that her son will be able to recover. The injury to his arm is not clear, according to the mother it is a result of poor medical care in Afghanistan.

Mohammad is a sweet and cuddly boy. He comes alone to his appointment for rehab. At his young age he understands the importance of taking care of his body.

He is a happy boy. At first he was very fearful but little by little we have managed to trust each other. Mohammad told me that he would like to attend school in Mytilini and learn the Greek language. He likes math, drawing and playing soccer.

We went to talk to Kara Tepe's social worker to find out if Mohammad could attend school. They told us to wait. After a month, one day Mohammad came running to the container to tell me that he could go to school. He was really happy about the knews. I asked him if he needed to buy new materials or clothes to go to school. He told me he needed a pair of pants and shoes. That same day we went to buy everything he needed for the great first day of school. Shoes, clothes and schools materials.

His innocence moves me, it made me remember my childhood in Chile, when we only needed a few material things to feel fully happy. A pair of shoes and some clothes were enough for us to dream, to study and to want to change the world.

The hope of our future is not in the mountain of material things that we have, but it is the freedom to dream to love and compassion between human beings.

Let us make our children eternal dreamers and lovers of life and justice, only then can we have more just and supportive societies.

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