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Ali Reza Sharafat, 8 years old from Afghanistan.

He is an autistic child. After the Moria fire, we found him in the olive grove forest with his parents. His mother told us how difficult it is to have to live in a refugee camp with her autistic child. Noises are extremely annoying for him, he cannot live with many people. He gets irritated easily, the whole environment stresses him a lot. He is a sensitive child who needs medical attention and to live in an environment suitable for his condition.

Earth Medicine financed his medicines, he visited the ophthalmologist, bought his glasses for him and his mother Fatima, who also needed glasses. We buy him shoes and winter clothes. His mother was happy to feel supported. They currently live in a house in Mytilini.

His parents dream of a better future for Ali, like any other parents in the world. They want Ali to attend a special school for autistic children so that Ali will develop and grow healthy physically, emotionally and mentally.

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